Why are tattoos so expensive?

Why are tattoos so expensive?

So, you’ve done your research. You’ve spent ages scrolling through your favourite artists work and they just seem perfect. You’re going for it, this is amazing. You finally pluck up the courage to email them, and they get back to you with a quote. Tattoos are too expensive, right?

Well, they are if you don’t have the money for them, but tattoos are as expensive as they need to be.

How many times have you had your hair cut, only to hate your new face and eagerly await the regrowth? Every time? It can’t just be me.
That shit grows back. You can wash it off. Redye it at home. Wear a hat.

You can’t wear a hat on your whole body.

Tattoos are expensive for lots of reasons – the materials are expensive, insurance (we change your skin) is expensive, your artists are skilled – but also, it’s a tax on a very important decision. Your tattoo is a thing that will change the rest of your life.

It will always be there, forever.

Let’s run with the haircut analogy – ‘cos I’m pretty proud of that one.

Your haircut costs you £50, but…like, it only lasts you six weeks. That’s a shame. But ok. “Book me in, friend!”, you proclaim.
You, the average person, live for 4732 weeks (not long enough, but that’s for a different post), and get your hair cut every six weeks because you are on top of your shit. So, you – the average person – get your haircut 788 times in your life. You spend £39.5k on getting a haircut you don’t even like that much.

A palm sized tattoo costs you, maybe £300? £250? £320?

Yeah, it’s expensive. But you love it, because you chose the right person, and it captures that moment in your life, forever.

We use a lot of materials, and we're very lucky to get to travel.
So, as well as using non-plastic starch-based materials, we're also growing a forest.