It’s actually super simple.
Imagine you fell over, and like, you have a cut…but your cut looks super sweet. That’s your tattoo.

Now. Clean that bad boy, and keep it moisturized, but don’t be scared of it. Let it breathe. Let it do what it’s got to do. It will be fine.

Follow these steps if you’re not so sure:

  1. Yay, new tattoo.
  2. Leave your dressing on for a few hours, and ideally, the first night.
  3. Take your dressing off.
  4. Wash your tattoo using standard antibacterial soap.
    Your tattoo will likely have accumulated plasma, pushed out excess ink and will be a bit gross by the time you take your wrap off. This is normal.
  5. Pat completely dry with clean kitchen roll.
  6. Apply a thin layer of Coconut Oil or tattoo balm.
    Yep – the kind you cook stuff in. Use a fresh jar and make sure to use clean hands when applying it. Coconut Oil is a great moisturiser, and is naturally antibacterial – but you should still avoid contamination. Don’t double dip and make sure to keep the lid sealed.
  7. Repeat stages 4, 5 and 6 throughout the day, every day, until it’s healed.
    The aim of the game is to keep your piece well moisturised. There’s no set number of times you should apply your coconut oil; if it’s looking dry, pop some more on. If you’re not into coconut oil, then we also recommend Palmers’ cocoa butter or Lush Dream Cream for some sweet healing.
  8. Get more tattoos.

We use a lot of materials, and we're very lucky to get to travel.
So, as well as using non-plastic starch-based materials, we're also growing a forest.