Booking and Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is super simple. Shit happens, and we get that.

All we ask is that your familiarise yourself with the information below before booking in, and make sure to get in touch with your artist directly if you wish to reschedule or cancel your appointment at any point.

1. If at any point you wish to cancel your appointment, you will lose your deposit. These are always non-refundable.

Why do I even need to pay a deposit?
Deposits protect your artist from cancellations and rearrangements. If you cancel your appointment, you lose your deposit – but your artist loses a day’s wage. The small deposit you pay ensures that they can still pay bills in spite of cancellations. They are non-refundable, but they always come off your end total!

2. To reschedule your appointment, you’ll need to provide a minimum of 72 hours (a couple of days in people speak) notice to your artist. If you fail to do so, you risk losing your deposit and you might need to place a further deposit to get a new slot.

Why will I lose my deposit?
You won’t, not necessarily! Your deposit is secured, and you are entitled to change your appointment time once. If you request to change your appointment twice, a further deposit may be required to confirm the change. This is to protect your artist, and their time.

If you repeatedly rearrange your appointment (2 times or more), a 50% deposit may be requested before any future booking.

What if I'm ill on the day, will I lose my deposit?
We’re not monsters! If you wake up feeling super rough (it happens to us too!), just let us know first thing – like, as soon as you wake up. That way, your artist won’t have started setting up, thus wasting materials.

If you feel a bit shit the day before, it’s always nice to let your artist know, so at least they can check in with you beforehand.

3. Times quoted for completing a tattoo are approximate. We’ve gotten pretty good at guessing, but it’s still that – a guess, and so you should give adequate time for your tattoo to be completed. If you’re travelling up, always book a flexi ticket for your return. That lets you, and your artist, have any breaks you might need without feeling under pressure.

Your artist will never rush your tattoo.

If you need to leave your appointment early, the tattoo must be paid for in full, and you will be required to submit a further deposit to secure any future appointments required to complete your tattoo.

We use a lot of materials, and we're very lucky to get to travel.
So, as well as using non-plastic starch-based materials, we're also growing a forest.