Coronavirus Guidelines

To help us navigate the current pandemic, we have issued some changes to our studio and our practice. Please read these carefully and follow them during your appointment.

1. Do not attend if you, or anyone within your bubble, is showing symptoms of coronavirus.

We are still operating floating deposits, so your payment is secure and can be bounced to another date once you are feeling better.
If you attend in spite of feeling unwell, you not only risk our health, but any subsequent customers we interact with and their networks too. 

2. You may now attend your appointment with one regular contact – aka, friend.

We promise that we’re nice, but we also get that tattoos are scary enough without having to leave your buddy behind. So in light of the other guidelines we have in place, we’re happy for you to bring a friend along with you for fun times. All of these guidelines apply to them.

3. We have relaxed our rules on masks.

As all artists and the vast majority of the public are now double vaccinated, mask wearing is no longer mandatory. Our studio is appointment only, and we still see limited clients per week. We continue to do lateral flow tests every week in order to protect you and others; and we’d be very grateful if you could do one before your appointment too. If you’d rather still wear a mask, please do! Let us know of your wishes and we will wear one in solidarity.

4. We will love you extra good if you do a rapid flow test before your appointment.

This is especially true if you’ve been to any large scale events. I mean, get tested anyway. It’s fun. Flow tests are free – you can get them online or at any pharmacy. For free. Totally free. If you’re living it up real good, all that we ask is that you double check you’re good to go before you come in to the studio for your tattoo. We’ll be spending hours around each other, so it’s only polite. We do flow tests twice a week to protect our clients.

4. You must sanitise your hands on arrival.

And preferably throughout your appointment – so it’d be great if you could bring a little miniature hand gel or something you can keep with you.

5. You must inform us if you begin to show symptoms after your tattoo.

If you show any symptoms within two weeks of your tattoo appointment, then please reach out and let us know.

Order a test ( and inform us of your results. If you’re clear (yay), then all is well – if you’re not, then we can inform subsequent clients, and those within our bubbles, as we isolate.

We use a lot of materials, and we're very lucky to get to travel.
So, as well as using non-plastic starch-based materials, we're also growing a forest.